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Here are just a few satisfied molluscum contagiosum patients who have successfully used MolluscumRx:

Jamie from Kansas

Mary from Louisiana

Michael M. from OK


Great news….two for two. My youngest is now all clear. You have an amazing product there! I have told our Pediatrician in Sherman about your product but I am sure he hasn’t looked into…he can’t take advise from anyone that’s not a doctor. He is very quick to refer every kid upstairs to a dermatologist who jumps right into dabbing beetle juice all over them. Left several pits on my six year old….months of scabbing, burning sores! Your product cleared both kids up within a month!!!!*

Cori M. from Texas


I've been so pleased with this. My other son had molluscum for over a year and we tried everything - from topical to oral treatments. I've actually recommended MolluscumRx in the last few weeks because I was so pleased with it. I know I sound like a commercial, but I really am so grateful - and so is my son. He was so discouraged that it was going to take a year to get rid of these ugly blemishes and he is feeling a lot more confident now. It's almost invisible after a few weeks.*

Wendy E. from Georgia


I am very pleased with the product. I have used everything possible for my 7 year old daughter's molluscum and so far nothing has worked. In fact, it just seemed to spread from one buttock to the other and down the back of her legs to her knees. After 1 1/2 weeks of using this product, the bumps are drying and crusting over and in the case of the smaller bumps, disappearing! We have to be consistent twice a day but it's worth it after struggliing with this for a year. We are looking forward to no more bumps in the next couple of weeks!*

Lisa H. from West Virginia


Love this product. It is very expensive, but it has saved my grandson from the painful laser treatments he's previously gone through.*

Anonymous Customer from Anonymous


i bought this product for my son. it is working great. thanks*

Sharmila P. from Unknown

My daughter (now 7 yrs old) started getting molluscums more than a year ago. First her pediatrician advised me to ignore them saying they will go away on their own. 6 months later not only had they not gone but more were cropping up. She had around 25 - 30 of these on her body. So I took her to a dermatologist who treated her with beetle juice for 3 treatments. The ones that were treated were taken care of but new ones did show up. However since the # of molluscums on her body had significantly reduced I decided to wait and watch.
At the start of this year she started having several skin infections and coincidentally right around her molluscums. The pediatricians classified those infections as several different things but I felt like there was a connection between the those and the molluscums. Eventually her molluscums started building a rash around them. It had gotten so painful that she would wake up in the middle of the night crying! By this time I was plain desperate and very frustrated by lack of response from the doctors.
While I waited for the day of dermatologist's appointment, I searched for solution online and came across your website. I was not sure if MolluscumRx was going to work but since it was a natural product I decided to risk it. To my biggest surprise and greatest relief it worked! Even though 3 out of 4 molluscums had disappeared I made it a point to go to the dermatologist appointment and show her this wonder that worked! Not sure if anyone will believe it but I know I do.
I want to sincerely thank the team for creating this wonder. As a parent, it hurts to see your child in pain. This solution saved me from my misery!*

Maya A. from NY


the only product who help my son*

Anonymous Customer from Unknown

Only thing I have found that works for Molluscum!*

Michael M. from OK


My son has been dealing with molluscum for a little over a year now. We were told by our pediatrician that they would go away on their own. After the molluscum started to reach his face we were referred to a dermatologist who started beetle juice treatments (very painful). The picture on the left was his 3rd and last beetle juice treatment….after the blistering and scabbing went away (two weeks) the amount of bumps almost doubled. He had around 50 bumps spreading up his left arm to his elbow, jawline, face, and behind his ear. I started my own on-line research finding MolluscumRx and ordered a bottle after reading the reviews. The picture on the right is at the end of 3rd week using MolluscumRx! This was pain free for him and easy for me to apply. I started seeing results within days and We can’t thank you enough for this product!!! My only regret is I didn’t try your product sooner. Thank you again, Michael*

Ashley R. from OR


Thank you thank you my childs molluscum free we are down to 2 from 100+ and they are scabbed and almost flat Thanks so happy this product worked took 2 months but worth it!!!*

Leslie R. from Hong Kong, China


I want to let parents know, please don't get frustrated and give up! After I started using the MolluscumRx, it seemed like my daughter's lesions were spreading and getting WORSE than before. But I persisted--within one month I almost used up one bottle so immediately purchased a second bottle. After 2 months (twice daily usage), my daughter is lesion free! I also want to let parents know that if they see the "beginnings" of an eruption (small bumps that look like goose bumps--they have not yet turned into the clear pearly lesions)--you should spread the MolluscumRx all over the area, and it will actually prevent the bumps from turning into full on lesions! This is very crucial! Because my daughter started getting tiny bumps on her cheek because she slept with that cheek against her infected arm. I made sure to put the MolluscumRx on her cheek and they never turned into lesions and gradually disappeared. Before I discovered your product I tried salicylic acid but it left horrible scars and was so painful! Your product is a godsend and I told our GP in Hong Kong about it. He said only sees 2-3 cases per year and tells parents to wait it out or they get frustrated and end up going to a dermatologist who can freeze them off which is painful and may cause further eruptions. The virus is very interesting in that it seems very "alive"--but I knew when the product started killing the virus because all lesions began to disappear, and it finally stopped spreading. I tried apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil before discovering MolluscumRx. They were useless and didn't help at all--I think the virus was too strong by that point! Thank you so much for this wonderful all natural remedy to this mysterious virus. I feel like I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I used to feel so upset letting my daughter go to school with the lesions all over her arm--it looked absolutely horrible. Now she's molluscum free just in time for swimming season!*

Hollie W. from TX


Questions or Comments: My 4 year-old developed them under her arms and on her back; we were told repeatedly by doctor's to "let it run its course" and they got worse and worse. Six months later when preschool wouldn't let her return, we saw a local dermatologist for a second opinion. I was in tears because my child had more than 1000 miserable molluscum all over her arms and back and sides. The dermatologist recommended MolluscumRX. In tears, I went to my pharmacy torn whether to try this or to keep letting it run its course. The pharmacist suggested we had nothing to lose by trying it. We overnighted the bottle and gave it a try. When we returned to the dermatologist two weeks later, over 75% of the molluscum were already gone! In a month's time they were all gone. It was painless and left no scars. Our older son had them as a child, not nearly as bad, and had to endure painful freezing to remove them. This was fantastic. I swear by this product and want everyone to know, from a mom's heart, it works. Thank you!

Anonymous Customer from NY


product is working great but we had to order another because we had a spill! It's been two weeks and we have just a few stubborn spots that are taking a bit longer to go away. I want to make sure I have enough product to complete the treatment and also to have on hand if this ever happens again.*

Amanda B. from ID


I cannot say enough good things about Molluscum RX!! I tried everything to heal my daughters severe molluscum, and nothing worked at all. After a year of agony, and it spreading over half of her body with over 200 "bumps", I finally found this product and was willing to give it a try. SO glad I did! Tears of joy were shed when they were completely gone within a week and a half.*

Robert R. from TX


This is our second bottle, however, our daughter's case was severe and the moment we started using the product it has been steady improvement. We are now just dealing with a couple of bumps vs open wounds all over her bottom and privates.*

Rochelle L. from CA


I must say, I am shocked at the time it took for Molluscumrx to work. I was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get rid of molluscum contagiosum with molluscumrx. We saw improvement within a week and it is almost gone and we only began treatment 3 weeks ago. We have been battling this condition with my granddaughter for about 2 years. within a few weeks it is almost only a memory. I was quite skeptical when I purchased a bottle. But I can honestly say we are very pleased at the results we have had with MolluscumRx. Thank you very much!*

Tonya from TX

website is very easy to use. The medicine is already working after just a couple of days of use.*

Ruby M from CA


My three year old developed three molluscum bumps on his inner thigh. His pediatrician recommended ignoring them and letting them go away on their own. He also suggested duct tape. A year later they had multiplied and spread. We got a referral to the dermatologist and she put a liquid on each that made painful blisters and left scars. I took him in for three visits. She treated what we thought were the last two. The following morning he woke up with bumps all over both knees and elbows, all over his arms and legs. I just wanted to cry. I was not about to take him in and have over 100 molluscum bumps treated and blister.
I felt desperate and was determined to find another alternative. I googled for natural remedies and molluscumrx came up. I decided to try it. I applied the molluscumrx and the bumps started scabbing within a couple of days. It's been three weeks and they're gone! I've noticed a few pop up but I apply the molluscumrx right away twice a day and they disappear.
This works and we are so grateful! Please share my comments. I want to help as many people as I can by sharing our experience and success with this product.*

Liz L. from MA


We have not even been using MolluscumRX for a full month and already my 7 year old is better. I can't believe this truly worked 100%. Her pediatrician told us last year there was nothing we could do except wait it out. I can't thank you enough!*

Lori M. from MI


I know firsthand that this stuff really works. My daughter had it last summer, which is how my son has it now. I spent hundreds of dollars trying every single thing offered on the Internet and nothing worked. This actually worked! So I am happy to do this for you. My son only has a few on his arm right now but I will do this and send the pics to you. Thanks!*

Dennis T. from GA


I will participate, but I am already satisfied with product, as I have used very successfully on one of my other children. I also am a pediatrician and have recommended to multiple patients with positive feedback on multiple occasions. Thanks again.*

Susan W from Bangkok, Thailand


That is amazing, Thank you so much. I can't tell you how pleased we are to see them slowly disappearing off our daughters body. I have recommended your product to everyone I know with Molluscum (seems to be more people than I first knew), you may get a spike in people from Bangkok ordering!*

Bethany E. from CA


This stuff is amazing. At some point I will send before and after pictures of my daughter.*

Gena P. from TX


I just wanted to thank you for your product. I used it faithfully on my daughter for 10 weeks. All of her legions are completely gone! This infection was such a burden for me. I am so thankful to finally have found something that worked. Thank you again!*

Brian F. from IL


Thanks. Great Service! I wish the rest of the world would work like this.*

Sara M. from AZ


I was skeptical about using MolluscumRX. I figured if it didn't work we would just get our money back. After using it for a few weeks, mostly as directed, I was disappointed that we weren't getting the promised results. I called customer service and was given the instructions to be diligent and always put it on clean and dry skin - as in, remove the previous coating of treatment before applying a new treatment. Because I had used a lot of my previous bottle they graciously sent me a new bottle at no charge. I used as directed - very diligently this time. After a week a lot of the lesions were gone and the more stubborn ones were starting to dry up. After about three weeks with the new bottle my son is lesion free! I am SO excited about this product. I would have paid twice as much for it. If our other child ends up with Molluscum I will certainly buy another bottle.*
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Josephine D. from IL


I appreciate your quick response to my email. I am currently away from my home. As soon as I get home I will record the testimonial with the links that you provided. Also I have put in a call to my pediatrician to go over the results that my son has experienced; prior to ordering your product I showed the site to him and he reassured me that different products work differently for each child but he reassured me that your product could not hurt because it is all natural ingredients. He also mentioned the high rise in Molluscum in the recent years. From day 1 till now I have taken pictures to document the before and after. My son is so happy because we had tried the freezing process once & it was so painful that he made me promise to never do it again. The dermatologist promised it did not hurt at all yet it clearly was very painful and his next idea was to start using a lotion with steroids in it to help with the process. I was not interested in putting steroids into my 6 year olds blood stream if it was not completely necessary. The dermatologist was angry I would not allow him to re-freeze so he told me that without the freezing my son would have molluscum for seven years. After that appointment I promised to never visit him again & I never will. I was at the point where I truly believed that we would just have to wait out the virus but it started to spread and I was nervous it would reach his face and that frightened me. I started using Molluscum RX on 12/8/14 so it is not even a month yet and we have seen each lesion completely disappear with basically no scarring; I am going to continue using the product to be sure that virus is gone completely.

Thank you for everything & I can promise I will recommend your product to everyone I know.*

Josephine D. from IL


I have been using molluscum RX on my son for nearly 3 weeks each lesion has completely disappeared. The lesions disappeared within 2 weeks & are now barely noticeable. I continue to use the product to be safe but he is healing so well. I would love to write a review for the product b/c it really is a miracle!!! We tried many different treatments for Molluscum & nothing worked besides this product.
Thank you Thank you & Thank you!!*

Emma F. from East Sussex, United Kingdom


This treatment works very quickly, painlessly and effectively. It is such a relief to see this problem clearing up and my kids not having to suffer with it for potentially another 18 months. I will be recommending this to everyone! A brilliant product, I only wish I'd discovered it sooner.*
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Tom from MA


Worked exactly as advertised. Totally cleared up in less than tree weeks. No scars or marks.*

Anonymous Customer from Unknown


It truly works! It does take several weeks as described but if you give it a chance it will work!!! And no pain! It definitely stains before it dries so be careful all of this is stated on the website so no surprises.*

Angie from IA


Our son developed Molluscum Contagiosum in the early fall and within a month and a half he had it all over his legs, arms, lower back and was beginning to get it on his face. Doctors told us there was nothing we could do to treat the condition other than wait it out. Thankfully we researched for a couple of days and found molluscumrx and decided to give it a try. Our son has eczema as well, so we were worried about the product irritating his skin.

The first couple of days we applied the molluscumrx to a small area of his arm to test it and make sure that it did not burn his skin. He did not complain at all, so we moved forward with applying it to all affected areas of his body. Within a few short weeks, almost everything was dried up and healing and he was no longer itching. I cannot say enough about molluscumrx and what it did to help our son. I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with this condition.*

40 year old mom from MO


I had some odd bumps appear on my swim suit bikini line that itched slightly and started to spread to my inner thigh/groin area. For 3 weeks I watched it spread. After much research I decided it was classic "water warts" and stumbled upon this product in my research. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it before making an embarrassing trip to the doctor. In 3 days of using the product they stopped spreading. In 5 they started shrinking and scabbing up. In 7 days GONE! How awesome to find a product that actually does what it claims! This product does not hurt at all. It's a yucky brown and a bit sticky and has a different smell but all worth curing my spots!*

Dana from CA


I wanted to write and tell you how much we appreciate your product! My son had molluscum contagiousum and our friend told us about molluscum rx and it saved us from a lot of worry and tears. I highly recommend it. My advice to anyone thinking of using it or using it now to stick with it and be persistent! It will work!! Thank you so much!*

Lisa from Georgia


HI. I had to write as I want to help you guys get the word out. Your product works like you said. We weren't able to do it 3 times a day due to our schedule and how it needs to stay on the skin for alittle bit. We did it 2x a day mostly and everytime she showered, And right before she went to bed as it would be harder for her to accidently mess with it if she was asleep. :) The doctors tell parents we need to just ride it out but it could take 2 or more years. With her condition I couldn't except their response and then found your product. I want to help get the word out as I don't want any more sweet children going through what mine did. I also have some pointers not sure if it is worth mentioning. Sometimes she would say it burned (Could be fibbing) I think she associates burning with the tightening of the skin and it can make them alittle uncomfortable. We still have some scabs that are barely there and now have a new one on her hand and she is not upset, she said I need my medicine. :))) Thank You so much !!!!!!!*

Gabriela from Romania

My son didn't stay put to have relevant pictures taken before or during the treatement. Now the leasures are completely gone without any scars. So I cannot help too much when it comes to pictures. But I did share my positive experience with MolluscumRX on several sites in Romania (attached you have some screenshots where the comments have already been published and there are a few where approval is pending: and
Below you have an approx. translation of the posted text.
For my 2 1/2 yo son I used Molutrex upon his dermatologist's advice. I stopped using it because of the burning pain it caused. I browsed the web and found a natural product on that I ordered (they ship to Romania as well) and applied twice a day for several weeks. No more pain, no more crying. MolluscumRX is not the cheapest treatment (~USD 60) but is does solve the problem without pain. I wish I knew about Molluscum RX when the first lesion appeared. I don't recommend waiting for half a year or so without any treatment (as some doctors advise) for the lesions to go away: they do not disappear, they multiply. Stay healthy!
Best regards,

Fran A. from Orlando, Fl


My son had lesions for over a year. We tried aldara, zymaderm, nothing worked. Finally I went to a new doctor and she told me about a product called MolluscumRx. She swore by it.

Within a few days the lesions began to respond. By week 3 they were gone. I have told others about this product and they have all had similar results.

I wish i had known about your product sooner. Molluscum is no fun.

Again, thanks for providing a much needed product. One that works.*

Ron from Florida

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how this product worked for us. My grandson had Molluscum Contagiosum all over his arms and belly. We applied the product twice a day as directed and in three weeks they were gone. This is a great product!"*

Erin from Michigan


Hello! We finally received your product 12 days ago (August 14th). We started using it on my three-year-old’s lesions that night. He first broke out in a molluscum rash back in about April, and by July, it had spread from his inner arm to his torso, back, and groin. I’m happy to say that, 12 days later, most of the lesions are gone. He has two left on his arm and one on his back, and those were the biggest lesions, so I’m sure they go away with more treatment. The smaller lesions have all disappeared. We haven’t even been that aggressive — We’ve missed a few applications, but it still seems to be working. The best part is, it doesn’t burn the skin so my child has been quite cooperative. He does also have eczema, and it seemed to sting broken skin, but otherwise it did not damage his skin in any way. And yes, it does stain fabric! We were laying our son on a towel during applications, but don’t do as my husband did and use a white towel! I want to say that I’m a nurse and I had my doubts. I was willing to try anything though, as my doctor was making arrangements to have the lesions burnt off, and I feel that my child is too young for that kind of trauma. There are many websites that sell homeopathic junk, a silver current machine and other questionable quackery. I liked your site the best because you are selling an actually topical medication, which was showcased at a dermatology conference. To me, yours was the most credible product out there. I am so relieved to have this over with. My children love the swimming pool and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to sign them up for lessons this fall. I’m VERY confident that the few lesions my son has left will be gone by the time lessons start at the end of September. Thank you for making such a great product, and for having such great customer service. ons, but don’t do as my husband did and use a white towel! Erin*

T.S. from Christiansburg, Virginia


I used MolluscumRx™ on my daughter, who is four. She had the lesions everywhere. My pediatrician told me I would just have to wait it out. But, after using MolluscumRx™ the lesions started to go way in about seven days. After two weeks of treatment, she is clear of all Molluscum. Thank you so much, you have a wonderful product.*

Laurie from Washington


HELLO THERE!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the MolluscumRx product!! The problem is clearing up ALREADY after only three days of using it!! It’s AMAZING!!! You have NO idea how much I appreciate your help…It’s confusing to figure out HOW I got Molluscum in the first place—as I am not a child (I’m a grown woman), yet I don’t believe I’ve been in contact with anybody that had Molluscum… So, I just wanted to say THANKS for creating the miracle cure for this annoying skin virus…You are GREAT!!!!*

J.K. from Vernon Hills, Illinois


I need to thank the doctor for what seems to be a miracle cure for Molluscum. My two kids had them. After numerous trips to dermatologists who burned the lesions off with no success, and me watching my son’s arm turn into a scar factory, I ordered MolluscumRx™. I never expected it to work…2 1/2 weeks later, my son is free of lesions. We are still working on my daughter, but I am sure, in time, it will work. After visiting a professional from Children’’s Memorial, and having her tell me to “continue doing what I am doing because it’s working,” I was reassured that the MolluscumRx™ was amazing. This has made a horrible situation tolerable, and hopeful. Thanks, Dr. Shaffer, for your responsive emails, and for letting me know you were a message away. I appreciate it and am thankful for your knowledge and for finding this cure.*

K.S. from Chicago, Illinois

Three of our children have the Molluscum virus. Our doctor prescribed a cream to apply, but it only worsened their condition, due to much itching. My wife researched Molluscum on the Internet after hearing what the future held in the form of treatments — not very pleasant sounding. Thankfully, we found your website and ordered a bottle immediately! We are pleased to see recovery with no pain, easy to apply, and the disappearance of the Molluscum. I have sent our pediatrician and friends to your website. Thank you for your research.*

K.L. from Alva, Oklahoma

Just had to let you know that my son has been on MolluscumRx™ for less than two weeks and the lesions have dried up completely. I am amazed. Our pediatrician now knows about the product and together we will let the whole world know.*

Nadine from Argentina

What a wonderful product - it worked in only a few weeks.  And I now feel so relieved that my child is not scarred by these unsightly lesions.  Thanks Molluscum RX.*

V.Z. from Friendswood, Texas

MolluscumRx™ is working for my son!! Thanks again!*

K.K. from Eastlake, Ohio

My daughter is 2-1/2. She had lesions all over her face and neck. She also has eczema, which complicated the situation because she was always scratching. We saw a dermatologist who wanted to apply some chemical to her face. I refused the treatment and was given Retin-A to put on the lesions. I never started the treatment because of the horrible things I read and heard about Retin-A. I searched the Internet for help and found MolluscumRx™. I decided to go ahead and give it a try, since the lesions seemed to be getting worse. After three weeks of treatment, the lesions are almost completely gone! My 18-month-old son also has several lesions and they also are beginning to disappear. I am so thankful for this wonderful product!*

J.P. from Rocky Point, North Carolina

I’ve been meaning to write to you to let you know of the success I had using this product on my seven-year-old daughter. I have to admit that my husband and I were skeptical at first but, after checking with our daughter’s pediatrician and telling him that we wished to try this product, he gave us his okay, saying that he didn’t think it could harm our daughter to try it. My daughter had this condition for about seven months prior to treating it with MolluscumRx™ and she was always embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or tank top because the lesions were clearly visible.

We started using MolluscumRx™ once a day on November 13 and by Christmas, only six to seven weeks later, every lesion was completely gone!!! This was probably the best Christmas present my daughter could have gotten. She is so happy and excited that the lesions are gone! We are going on a cruise next month and she is thrilled to know that when she puts on her bathing suit, she doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about it. I was amazed at how fast the medication worked. By the fourth day, most of the lesions had started to dry up and shrink already. So far, no new lesions have appeared on my daughter. I also have a four-year-old daughter and, thankfully, she hasn’t developed any lesions yet, but I’m comforted knowing that if she were to contract this virus, I could cure it immediately. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about MolluscumRx™ sooner. Thank you for sharing your wonderful product with the world!! You have made a seven-year-old girl happy again.*


L.M. from Bryan, Texas

My son (age 2) only had one Molluscum “lesion” when my neighbor told me what the disease was. I had never even heard of it, and had been thinking it was a wart. Over the course of a few months he developed five or six more in the same area on his chest. And soon, a cluster of them in his diaper area, which were the worst. After about seven months of this, and taking the word of my educated neighbor who had been told by a physician that there’s not much you can do for lesions.

I decided to do some Internet “research” on it. The doctor had told my neighbor that it appears that removing the center white core of some lesions will set up an immune response in that area, and make the others go away. This did not seem to work for my son, although he REALLY, REALLY did not like me attempting to do this. I ordered MolluscumRx™ and, in less than two weeks, the lesions on his trunk were diminishing. Now there are completely gone, at three weeks. The ones in the diaper area are very much improved, but not completely gone. I think it’s probably because of the area it is in…but I can tell that, soon, they also will be completely healed. Thank you for discovering and sharing your great product. And thanks also for the kind Dr. Shaffer, who answered my questions by email. I will tell anyone I know with Molluscum contagiosum about your product!!!*

B.L. from U.S.

My four-year-old son became infected and had 57 lesions burnt off within three weeks…I was tired of watching my son suffer through the painful treatments that were not working. By the fourth week, he had another eruption with over 41 new lesions. I searched the Internet and found your product and decided to give it a try. Within two weeks of starting the treatment, virtually all lesions had disappeared! What a wonderful product! We went back to the dermatologist, who was amazed at the results! Thank you so very much!*